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Transforming Dreams into Reality with Neo: The Definitive Handbook on VFX Courses in Kerala
  • 06 March 2024
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Visual Effects (VFX) in the film industry have revolutionised how stories are told on the big screen. VFX helps in transforming ordinary scenes into extraordinary cinematic experiences. Our film industry is enriched by highly talented VFX artists who contribute their expertise to enhance visual storytelling and bring cinematic visions to life. To be one of them, understanding the essence of VFX is essential. Various institutions in Kerala provide VFX courses, among them, Neo Film School stands out as one of the leading institutes.  

If you aspire to become a VFX artist and find yourself uncertain about choosing the right institution, your concerns can be addressed here. Let's delve into the world of VFX and examine the courses NEO Film School has to offer. 

Demand for VFX artist

Before choosing VFX as your profession, it's crucial to understand the opportunities and demands within the industry. As is evident, the entertainment industry's need for visual effects is consistently increasing. VFX course by NEO opens a gateway for enthusiasts to explore their creative potential and acquire the skills needed to make a mark in the dynamic world of film, television, gaming, and beyond. Here, skilled artists and technicians merge creativity with advanced software to bring fantastical worlds to life. 

The entertainment field continuously evolves with fresh narratives and innovative concepts, leading to a significant rise in the demand for highly skilled VFX artists. Professional artists and technicians combine creativity with advanced software to bring fantastical worlds to life. The need for VFX extends beyond the confines of the film and entertainment industry. 

VFX course in Kerala by NEO

NEO provides diploma courses in VFX and animation. Most of their students find placement in various film industry sectors, showcasing their skills across diverse fields. 'Kannur Squad' is a recent hit in the Malayalam Film Industry; Neo students do its visual effects. That is, most of the students choose NEO to make a career in the film industry. 

They offer a well-structured class for VFX. Also, provide an expert class to explore the current opportunities and prospects in the VFX field. Neo offers a professional diploma in VFX and Animation and an advanced diploma in VFX and animation. The scope of these courses encompasses film editing, film direction, acting, photography, and more. 

Why NEO?

Some may be asked the question, why NEO? The answer is as simple as the question. NEO is recognized as one of the best film schools in Kerala. NEO Film  School is affiliated with MESC on 48 qualification packs and trains students for these job roles. The faculty members at Neo are not just accomplished professionals in their specific domains but also dedicated mentors, inspiring and guiding students on their creative journeys. 

Acquiring a VFX education from a film school offers distinct advantages. Students get opportunities to engage in projects mirroring real projects, facilitating a better understanding of the working environment. Neo film schools have connections with industry professionals, which can provide students with networking opportunities, internships, and exposure to potential employers in the field of VFX.

Here, students will have access to the latest tools and techniques. The in-house production department at NEO Film School enhances their professional standards. Neo's VFX course covers three main stages in filmmaking, namely pre-production, production and post-production during the training. It will help the students to learn VFX authentically. 

VFX- a promising career

If you have a passion, then the answer is Yes. First of all, the career of VFX artists is not limited to the film industry. VFX artists have a lot of appetites in the entertainment industry. The demand for highly skilled VFX professionals continues to increase as the industry relies heavily on visual effects to create captivating and realistic visuals in films, television, gaming, and other media. VFX artists Aneesh Dayanandan (Two Kerala State Award winners) and Sumesh Gopal ( Kerala State Award winner) are examples of those who have had successful careers in VFX.  

As technology advances and storytelling becomes more immersive, the role of VFX artists becomes increasingly vital; it makes the field a promising career for those with a passion for creativity and digital artistry. NEO helps every student transform their dreams into Reality.

vfx course in Kerala | Transforming Dreams into Reality with Neo: The Definitive Handbook on VFX Courses in Kerala
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