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New admissions are welcomed in January and July every year with events including seminars, workshops and interviews.
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Contact us to discuss your career options with our career counselling team and choose the right level of proficiency.



* Each year two regular batches commence having courses in ten departments of film making (Direction / Cinematography / Film Editing / VFX & Animation / Sound Engineering / Still Photography / Screen Acting / Dubbing / Screen play writing / DI Coloring), one in Jan and the other in July. Details can be viewed on the page on “Upcoming Courses” under the drop down menu of “Admissions”.
* Each year there are non-regular batches too which have courses limited to a few of the departments of film making, the commencement of these batches and the courses offered will be posted on the page on “Upcoming Courses” under the drop down menu of “Admissions”.

Process for Regular Batches:

* Candidates to register their enquiry either through the respective department page under the drop down menu on “Courses” or through the option of “Admission Enquiry Registration” page under the drop down menu of “Admissions”. Once you register your enquiry, a counselling session by a career counselor’s will follow via tele call. * After the counselling, each candidate can opt for any one of the admission gateway which is Campfire Gateway or Confident Gateway or Admission Lounge Gateway to understand the courses offered, meet the respective faculty and visit the school. * After attending any of the admission gateway, each candidate has to appear for written test and interview either offline (at NEO Campus) or online. If selected, the successful candidates have to execute the acceptance of joining instructions. The acceptance can be executed via email also and finally the candidate has to pay the fees to close the admission.

Process for Non-Regular Batches:

* The only difference for Non-regular batches, the options for admission gateways are Confident Gateway or Admission Lounge Gateway, other than this there are no other changes in the admission process.

Confident Gateway

If you are a student who is really confident to join a film course to enhance your career in the film industry, you can directly attend the written test followed by interview after discussing the course details with the department head or senior resident faculty of the respective departments.
It will be easy and convenient for the students to enter the course they are sure of. Confident gateway is for confident students to join the programme directly to start the journey with us.

Campfire Gateway

Camp Fire is a programme to help you know us better & identify your dream. Students can attend a one-day seminar session to know more about the course details. It will be an interactive session with Siby Malayil, President - Governing Council, Future of Film Industry by Mr Leo Thaddeus- School Director, and 7 Dimensional Training programme of NEO Curriculum by Mr Jain Joseph FTII (Pune) IIM (Ahmedabad)- Founder and Course Designer. After the campfire session that includes courses like Direction, Cinematography, Editing, Audio Design & Sound Engineering, and VFX & Animation, you can attend an interview for joining the course.

Bootcamp Gateway

Students can attend the 2-day orientation programme to know more about the course, training methods, techniques, and what to expect in life at NEO. A Professional/Director will lead the orientation class for the Microfilm shoot in the boot camp gateway. The theory session is guided by Mr Siby Malayil- President Governing Council, Mr Jain Joseph FTII (Pune) IIM (Ahmedabad) Chairman, and Course Designer, and Mr Leo Thaddeus, School Director. Students are supposed to attend a two-day guidance session followed by a written test and an interview.


Your Questions Answered, Your Doubts Resolved: FAQs - Your Ultimate Guide


No, this Diploma course does not warrant graduation degree.

No, we do not provide loan facility. However, we can provide you with supporting documents for obtaining a loan from your banker.

  • * Yes, will be eligible for MESC (Media & Entertainment Skill Council) diploma certificate if you have opted for 18 months course (MESC is under NSDC, National Skill Development Corporation). In addition, we are providing a Professional Diploma / Advance Diploma / Diploma Certificate of NEO Film School for 18 months / 12 months / 6 or 3 months courses receptively.
  • * Also, the students can apply for NSIM- National Skill India Mission- Skill training certificates of your trade irrespective of course duration.

We have a placement cell and provide support to students to be linked with film industry.

The basic qualification is plus two.

The course fee depends on the course opted for and the duration of the course. Please visit the individual page of each Course” on our web site for further details or reach us through the “Contacts as specified.

No, we do not provide any hostel facilities. However, we can share a list of hostel / PG facilities located near the Institute.

Please visit the page on Admissions/Admission Process on our web site for further details or reach us through the Contacts” form.

The classes are taken by Lead Faculties, Senior Resident Faculties and a team of Visiting Faculties. These faculties are not only proficient teachers but are also working professionals in the film industry. Most of these faculties have over 20 years of experience in their respective fields.

Please visit the page on Alumni” on our web site for further details or reach us through the Contacts” as specified on the said website.

As of now, No, however, in the near future we are planning to start 3 years’ degree courses.

We have two regular batch of courses each year, in January and July. Further we also have numerous short course running through the year, for further details please visit the page on Admissions/Upcoming Courses on our web site for further details or reach us through the Contacts” as specified on the said website.

Yes, we do conduct various other programs especially 3 days’ / 2 days’ "Workshops" throughout the year not only at NEO but at various locations across Kerala. Soon these workshops will also be conducted across various cities in India. Please visit our web site to know about these workshops and register for these.

Yes, NEO gives opportunities for on the job training in various job roles in film & media industry.  One can avail on the job training through Apprenticeship / Internship or as a volunteer working with professionals at NEO.

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