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Gearing up for the ME PARTY!
  • 25 May 2023
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All are Invited!

Events are the most remembered occasions during institute days. Students gather for the ultimate bliss! The team work, those sleepless nights, those mid night teas.. all make them the most awaited moments during the study!

We at Neo are gearing up for a ME party! Module Ending Party that’s what it stands for. An arena for all the Neons to get together and show their works to all their fellow people, faculties etc…in the presence of invited guests and the chairman.

And this time ME party is bigger! There is a swearing in ceremony of the newly elected office bearers of the Students forum. And during the function, the president will unveil the name and the logo of the students’ forum!

There will be screening of the best  three short films made by students in the previous module which will be evaluated by none other than Mr.Sibi Malayil!

So all are getting geared and excited about tomorrow

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