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Dreams delivered when our eyes are open!
  • 08 May 2023
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Cinema… how can you define this marvellous invention of the 19th century? The best one till now will be “Dreams delivered when our eyes are open!” yes..  Those images which comes to life in a silver screens are nothing but dreams which can be experienced when our eyes are wide open unlike the normal ones which comes and vanishes in sleep!

Cinema has evolved through decades and through master craftemen all over the world. Cinema has taken a lot of shape and structure in these period. A thorough understanding and appreciation of cinema is only possible if we are exposed to the best of the best films made throughout the world


Lets get literated. Every now and then we will introduce to you a film that has re written the history of world cinema. Let the journey begin. A journey through the centuries.. Through the countries.. Through different cultures.. and let get acquainted with the master film makers of the world. There are films being made even out of hollywood also. There are films from Poland, Japan, China, Korea, Iran, Malaysia, France etc which we rarely watch. The main focus will be to take you to those countries.

Lets begin from India.. Watch out for this space to know more about a master film maker and the story of his master piece! Yes I am talking about none other than the maestro Sathyajith Ray and Pather Panchali!

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