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Every plan is made to break!
  • 25 May 2023
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“Every plan is made to break”,a phrase, which I will surely keep in my memories after our study trip to Athirapalli where the location for an Album song, directed by the famous Cinematographer Santhosh Thundiyil, was set.

At the beginning of our trip we were forced to make new bus arrangements for travelling to the location as the number of our team members was more than expected.

I thought this cannot be a good sign, but thankfully everything went on fine and we reached there by afternoon.

On Location








On Arrival at the location, we were introdced to Santhosh Sir and Arri Alexa, which has been the topic of our class for the past few days. Its price and value was mostly discussed among our gang, so I set as my main purpose there to see and touch Alexa and of course to meet the great Cinematographer..even if it’s only once.. and I feel really happy that I obtained the chance to be there on the set…especially because this was the first time that Arri Alexa has come to Kerala. And moreover I considered Santhosh Sir as a unreachable person but soon realized how simple and gentle he is, totally different from what I expected him to be.

You could easily see how cool he was on the set and that he really enjoyed his work

During the interaction








He was willing to respond to every single question we had, but unfortunately there were only few people….actually only Deepak who was brave enough to come up with doubts.

Even I was scared of asking something, which could make everyone think that I am not efficient, enough….but now I think it was a huge mistake and I should have utilized the opportunity I got there…

At least next time I will do better.

All in all I really enjoyed the study trip and see it as an enrichment.

Alex J Puthur

Neo 4- Direction

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