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A Final Nail in the Coffin of Film Cinematography!
  • 25 May 2023
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As per Ravi.K.Chandran ISC, the companies which produce motion picture films will stop production once the collected raw materials get exhausted. Even though Kodak is trying to promote film, things are not looking fine for them.

Arriflex, the German company well  known for their film cameras has come out with a most versatile high end digital movie Camera, ARRI ALEXA! With its  800 EI base sensitivity and 35mm-width CMOS sensor shooting up to 2.88k resolution, this is Arri’s answer to the growing acceptance of RED ONE camera and along with lower resolution cameras like the Sony CineAlta (35 mm, 1080p), Panavision Genesis (35 mm, 1080p), Thomson Viper FilmStream (2/3″, 1080p) to shoot feature films.


The Alexa’s ALEV III sensor has 3392×2200 pixels that can be used for generating an image. There are more pixels than this, but those extra pixels are used for calibration and other purposes and not for generating an image. It also has onboard HD recording, and shooting speeds up to 60fps. And the lenses are PL mount also which means more flexibility in using different type of lenses. It also boasts of a 13.5 stops Exposure latitude.

Alexa’s Natural Color Rendition gives rich, vibrant pictures and pleasing skin tones. Excellent Color Separation makes compositing effortless; Very Low Noise Guarantees flawless results, even on the big screen and Easy and Widely Accessible Workflows that use the best of proven, existing technology


ALEXA is a compact, lightweight and affordable digital camera that will redefine the limits of motion picture capture with ultra-fast workflows and image quality akin to 35mm film.  ALEXA is here to rule the motion picture world in the coming years! ,
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