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The Visual Magic of NEO VFX Team in 'Kannur Squad
  • 12 October 2023
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Kannur Squad is 2023 Malayalam - language crime thriller film directed by

Roby Varghese Raj in his directorial debut and written by Muhammed Shafi

and Rony David Raj. Starring the legendary actor Mammootty and

Vijayaraghavan,Kishore,Rony David Raj,Shabareesh Varma and Azees

Nedumangad . This crime thriller takes audiences on a thrilling journey

through the real-life exploits of a team of dedicated police officers known as

the Kannur Squad. With music by Sushin Shyam and exceptional visual

effects by our talented Neos the leading institution for vfx course in Kerala

VFX team.

The Real-Life Inspiration: Kannur Squad is based on the true story of a

squad of police officers known as the Kannur Squad, Who were recognised

for their commitment to maintaining law and order in the region . The film

looks into their struggles and failures, as well as the unwavering passion that

inspires them to protect their community.


The Creative Team: Behind the scenes,Kannur Squad has a talented team

that helps to bring the story to life . Roby Varghese Raj is known for his ability

to craft compelling storylines .Sushin Shyam music lends depth and emotion

to the film storytelling.

Visual Excellence: Visual effects play a crucial role in enhancing the

cinematic experience, and the Neo one of the best institutions of vfx course in

Kerala and our VFX team has done an exceptional job. Led by Dickson P Jo,

the team includes Abdullah K M, Shebin Jo Thomas, Muhammed Rafi, Arshith

Anand P, Rohith Raj, and Sujith P S. Their collective expertise in 2D and 3D

compositing brings a stunning visual dimension to "Kannur Squad."

vfx course in Kerala | The Visual Magic of NEO VFX Team in 'Kannur Squad
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