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Acting is Reacting
  • 05 May 2023
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 ‘Acting is Reacting’ – is the cornerstone of Sorrel Carson’s philosophy. ‘Reacting’ asks the actor to work from within: emotional truth must come from the self. It is all too easy for actors to ‘put on an act’, to make an exterior show of gestures and emotions of another character. The actor must abandon such stereotyped masks and become a totally sensitive, responsive instrument, registering each reaction of the character to the situation of the drama.

Stansilavisky believed in the concept that the main responsibility of an actor is to be “believed” . “Method acting” is still one of the major acting theories. Stanislavski believed throughout his life the dictum that an actor should approach a role as directly as possible and then see if it “lives.” If the actor connects with the role and the role is brought to life, then a technique or a system is not necessary.


If anybody tells you, they can teach you acting.. they are either lying or they are fools! Nobody can teach you acting but they can train you to act! We are planning to train you to ACT! Acting workshops are very common in european countries. But in India, the acting workshops are very limited.


We, Neo Film and Broadcasting School is coming out with such an event for the aspiring actors to wake up to the horizon to unleash your potentials. Watch out this space tomorrow to know more about it!


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