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Frame Your Future With Neo's Photography Courses in Kerala
  • 14 March 2024
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Photography is the art of storytelling through images, transcending barriers of age, gender, and location to captivate a vast audience. A single image holds more power than a full-length video or words alone, as it captures the essence of reality in a singular moment. A skilled photographer is a masterful storyteller, conveying messages through the powerful medium of imagery. 

Originating from the Greek words for "drawing with light," photography is essentially capturing moments with the illumination provided by light. In the past, photography was not widely embraced in our region. However, today, it has emerged as one of the most sought-after course in Kerala. Consequently, numerous colleges now offer photography courses to meet the growing demand. Among that, Neo stands out as the premier provider of photography course in Kerala due to the quality of its classes. Now let's discuss the photography course in Kerala. 

What does Photography mean?

Before delving into photography course in Kerala, let's first understand what photography entails. Photography entails the act of capturing an image through the recording of light. As mentioned above the word PHotography means " "drawing with light". The term "photography" originates from the Greek words "photo," signifying "light," and "graph," denoting "to draw."

Photography encompasses the artistic, technical, and practical aspects of producing images by capturing light, either digitally through an image sensor or chemically using light-sensitive materials like photographic film. Its applications span various fields including science, manufacturing (e.g., photolithography), and commerce, alongside its direct utilisation in art, film, video production, leisure activities, hobbies, and mass communication. Becoming a photographer presents a promising option with ample opportunities available, extending beyond just the realm of the film industry.

Photography course in Kerala

As previously stated, photography wasn't typically considered a significant career path in the past, often perceived by parents as merely a leisure pursuit. However, with evolving times, opportunities have surfaced, leading to an increasing number of students opting for photography as their career choice. In Kerala, numerous expert photographers serve as living examples, showcasing photography as an ideal career option. 

N. A. Naseer is a renowned Indian wildlife photographer hailing from Kerala. Anandhu Santhosh, recognized as one of the finest monochrome photographers in the region, has been honoured with recognition in the India Book of Records. They serve as prime examples of individuals who have excelled in the field of photography, forging successful careers. There should be no doubt in considering photography as a rewarding career choice. The demand for photographers is increasing steadily day by day.

Where can one learn photography?

Numerous colleges offer photography course in Kerala, making it challenging to select the best one. Neo Film School offers the best course in Photography. Neo provides the most comprehensive curriculum for photography course in Kerala. Offering diplomas in still photography spanning three and six months. But there will be a question: Why Neo? Neo stands out because it provides students with expert-led classroom sessions conducted by seasoned professionals.

Neo Film School is a progressive establishment focused on cultivating and moulding the next generation of the film industry. We prioritise innovation, creativity, and technical proficiency. Our faculty consists of a vibrant ensemble of industry experts and seasoned educators. At Neo Film School, our faculty members serve not only as accomplished professionals but also as dedicated mentors, igniting inspiration and offering guidance to students on their creative odyssey.

They provide extensive hours of exercise and production in professional studio settings, conduct workshops led by experienced photographers across various fields of photography, and offer students the opportunity to showcase their professional photography skills in actor portfolio magazines.

Who can learn photography?

Another common question that arises is who can learn photography. While it's true that photography is often considered an innate talent, the basic principles can still be studied and learned. Subsequently, you must refine your photography skills and apply them to your unique style through consistent practice. However, before embarking on this journey, it's essential to ensure that you possess the passion to pursue the course. Without genuine enthusiasm, your efforts may not yield success.

How do I start a photography career?

Practice...practice...practice... This is the only mantra to kickstart a successful career in photography. Learn the basic principles of photography from institutes and apply them in your unique style. Some individuals may be drawn to wildlife photography, others might prefer fashion or film-related photography. Focus on your niche and capture compelling shots within that specific field. Identify your niche and dedicate your efforts towards mastering it. To improve your skills, seek guidance from mentors or guides along the way. Make a portfolio of your best work or create a webpage or something to show your work to others. You can also assist seniors in their respective fields to gain valuable experience and knowledge.

If you're considering starting a rewarding career in photography, now is the perfect time to begin. Neo will commence its next class this July. Secure your seat today and delve into the world of photography under the guidance of experts at Neo.

 Photography Course in Kerala
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