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NEO Film School| Top Destination for VFX Course in Kerala
  • 07 March 2024
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In today's digital era, Visual effects are an exciting fusion of artistry and technology. The use of VFX continues to soar across various media; mastering the craft of VFX gives you a new creative professional life. The realm of VFX encompasses a diverse spectrum of skills, including crafting mesmerising CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) to seamlessly integrate effects in films, gaming, advertising, and more. That is why institutions are focusing more on VFX courses

NEO Film School is the top destination for VFX courses in Kerala among numerous institutions offering similar programs. Neo offers specialised classes to foster talent and expertise in the field of visual effects. NEO students have the opportunity to delve into the captivating world of VFX through a curriculum designed to nurture their skills and unleash their creative potential. 

What is VFX?

As a beginner, you may need clarification about VFX and how to create a successful career in this field. VFX stands for Visual Effects, shortened to VFX. VFX is the art of creating and manipulating imagery to enhance or create new visuals for different media. Here, we can see the blending of actual footage and used imagery to create a realistic environment. VFX has emerged as a crucial part of various media, not only the film industry. VFX artists became an integral part of game production, advertising, and more. So, don’t assume that your professional life is not limited to the film industry. 

New career possibilities in the VFX industry

It is expected to find VFX artists working in the games, advertising, film, and television industries. There are plenty of opportunities for VFX artists in this field. VFX artists can also work in the medical animation industry; here, VFX artists create 3D animations and visuals for medical professionals to explain complex medical procedures or anatomy to patients. The demand for VFX artists in various fields increases day by day. 

Vishnu Vimal is one of the leading VFX artists and worked as a senior compositor at Rising Sun Pictures, Australia. He also worked as a VFX artist in films like Ad Astra,  Thor: Ragnarok, Mission: Impossible- Fallout, and Red Sparrow etc. His profile is an example of professional success in this field. He said Vfx opportunities are not limited to the film industry.

Best VFX institute in Kerala

In Kerala, different institutes offer VFX courses. Most of them provide short-term courses. Choosing the right VFX institute is as important as choosing the profession. Neo Film School offers a professional diploma in VFX and Animation. It is an 18-month duration course. Neo is one the best film institutes in Kerala, which provides well-structured studios to VFX students. From there you can experience an industrial standard work culture atmosphere, which will help you professionally. More than this, they arrange professional expertise classes for the students, which allows them to understand the field's current trends and possibilities. Many students from Neo work as VFX artists in the Film industry and other media.

Who can learn VFX?

First, make sure that VFX is your passion, not just a profession before choosing the course. Anyone who has completed ten or Plus 2 in any stream from a recognized board can pursue a VFX course. Graduate and postgraduate courses are available in VFX, and several institutes offer professional diplomas in VFX and animation. Age is not a barrier; anyone can learn and acquire proficiency in VFX with passion and dedication.

Stay clear about the VFX career. It is a creative career and has a bright future in the field. Moreover, it is a challenging job, but you will get accomplishments for your work. VFX artists will get a high salary for their work. Rendering VFX artists are in high demand across major VFX studios and production houses. So don't hesitate to opt for VFX as your career.

NEO Film School|Top Destination for VFX Course in Kerala
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