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VFX and Animation from a film school!
  • 25 May 2023
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What makes the VFX and Animation diploma in NEO unique? Hear it from Sreejith Balachandran of Neo 3 Batch who has travelled in Chennai and Bangalore in search of an animation course and finally chose NEO as his school foe study!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Sreejith Balachandran 

“Hi friends this is Sreejith from Palakkad. I have completed Bsc Computer Science at AJK College Coimbatore. After completing my degree I realized that I’m not fit for IT field and so  i turned into Visual Effects (VFX) because i like graphics.

Then i have collected information of some institutes and I went to Chennai, visited some of leading institutes. But they were nothing beyond a set of some exorbitant space and some high end machines. The quality of interaction of the people there was not inviting

 One day I noticed NEO Film and Broadcasting School in a newspaper Ad with the familiar face of Ace film maker Mr. Sibi Malayil, then I ringed into the school for  further enquiry of course details. I got good response like “ we are conducting 3 day orientation if u satisfied u can join the school”.

 Then I went to school, 1st day school director Mr. Jain Joseph gave an excellent speech about not only the course but also about the career in film field. 2nd  day also we had a  good experience. 3rd day Sibi sir came to address us, it was a nice experience.

Then I got selection and  realized this is one of good platform to develop my skill, I discussed with my family, they were also impressed by NEO. Then I decided to  join the school.

I have completed  6 months in Neo film School, getting good coaching with working experience. Lot o f exercises are  helping to improve our skill. Till date we have completed 2 continuity works, and lot more to complete. In all these works I hope definitely we can learn the intricacies of animation and VFX

Last but not least I would like to  express my sincere thanks to Siby Malayil sir and Jain Joseph sir.”


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