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All that starts well ends well!
  • 25 May 2023
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“We were extremely lucky to watch a frame composed by Santosh Thundiyil Sir in Alexa camera. The cool attitude of Santosh Sir in his work has been reflected in his crew members which made the unit a jovial one. One interesting aspect was that, the people there were using different language, but still there was no miscommunication among the crew members.

At the end of the shoot, we were extremely lucky to have a touch at Alexa camera. We were around the camera to have a look at it from different angles and touch it again and again. The camera starts after 23 seconds pressing the button compared to 90 sec start time of Red Camera.

Later, we had a very valuable interactive session with santosh Thundiyil Sir, about his work experience as a cinematographer. He told us that Alexa could get 95% of Film camera feel.

“All that starts well ends well”. This was said by Sajeesh sir at the beginning of our journey, when we had to shift from Tempo Traveller to bus. Lets hope the shift from Film Camera to Digital Camera happens to be the same.”

Deepak Rajeev

Neo 4 – Direction

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