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Introduction to Still Photography: A Beginner's Guide
  • 17 April 2024
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Photography has the power to tell the whole story in a single image. In recent times, photography has gained significant attention and appreciation from the public. Photography, particularly still photography, continues to attract a substantial amount of admiration and support from the public. Still photography means capturing a single image in time with the camera. 

What is Still Photography?

Photography is the art of capturing images by recording light, either electronically through an image sensor or chemically using light-sensitive materials like photographic film. As said earlier, still photography means capturing a single image in time with the camera. This is considered as still photography. 

Still-life photography involves capturing images of inanimate objects, utilizing light and presentation techniques to create visually compelling compositions. This encompasses a wide range of subjects, from flowers and fruits to kitchen utensils, products, tools, actors and characters. The captured images were used in articles, reviews, and thumbnails on posters and billboards, and are also shared across various social media platforms.

Still photography serves as a means to preserve images for future generations, capturing moments that document our daily activities such as eating, playing, and drawing. This enables us to reminisce about memories and share our creations with the world.

William Henry Fox Talbot is considered one of the pioneering figures in photography, particularly in the realm of capturing still-life compositions. He created some of the earliest examples of this style by arranging objects like flowers and fruit on a tabletop and photographing them.

Still photography typically receives heightened attention due to its focus on capturing common subjects that may have previously been overlooked. Still photography has the power to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Still photography can tell a unique story, one that may be unfamiliar to us at first glance.

What are the types of Still Photography?

There are two primary categories of still photography: found and created. Found still photography involves capturing images of existing scenes or subjects, while created still photography involves arranging scenes and objects to compose an image. And also there are different types of photography. that is Nature photography, Portrait photography, Wildlife photography, fashion photography etc. Following that, photography underwent several transformations due to technological advancements.

How to start a career in Still Photography?

Photography has transitioned from being solely a passion to also becoming a recognized profession, a notable shift when compared to earlier eras. So you have to study well before starting a photography career. Different institutions provide still  photography course in Kerala. If you are interested, pursue a diploma course from the most reputed institutions in Kerala. Neo Film School stands out as one of the best film schools in Kochi, providing excellent photography courses in Kerala.

Neo Film School offers both six-month and three-month diploma courses in still photography. The distinguished faculty members of Neo, who are actively engaged in their respective fields, are a key attraction of Neo Film School. They provide access to professional studios for students and conduct workshops under the guidance of experienced professionals. They serve as excellent mentors for the students, and Neo also provides opportunities for students to showcase their work.

Still photography has become important nowadays. Here, captures timeless moments, freezing emotions and actions in a single frame. It adds depth to storytelling, conveying mood and atmosphere, and preserves behind-the-scenes memories. From capturing dramatic scenes to documenting production processes, still photography in films is an art that immortalises the cinematic experience.

Simply completing a course doesn't guarantee becoming a proficient still photographer. It's essential to continuously train yourself and gain experience by assisting industry experts to enhance your talent. Remember, opportunities in still photography abound, ranging from freelance work to employment in various industries such as advertising, journalism, and fine art. 

Diploma in Still Photography
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