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Transforming Passion into Career with Neo's Photography Course in Kerala
  • 01 April 2024
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Today, students are diversifying their focus across a wide array of courses to pursue a robust career, driven by the abundance of vacancies in various fields. This trend is because of the abundance of opportunities available in these fields. In Kerala, the younger generation is increasingly opting for photography as their career path. 

If you're passionate about learning photography, consider enrolling in a photography course in Kerala, where numerous top institutions offer comprehensive programs covering various fields of photography. The blog provides insights into photography and different fields of photography courses in Kerala.

Passion into Career

In the past, there was a prevailing belief that only graduates of degree courses like Engineering and B.Com had ample opportunities. However, times have changed significantly. Nowadays, students are prioritising their passions when choosing their career paths, recognizing that opportunities abound in various fields. A career in photography offers the opportunity to capture moments, tell stories, and express creativity through visual artistry.

If you want to pursue a photography career, you must study what photography is, its basic principles, and photography rules.  Simply completing a photography course does not automatically qualify you as a skilled photographer. It only helps in the understanding of photography.

One should diligently work hard to refine and nurture their talents and passions. Then only you became a professional photographer.  

Fields of photography

When selecting photography as a career, it's crucial to identify your areas of strength and specialisation within the field to maximise your potential for success. Photography encompasses diverse fields such as portrait, landscape, wildlife, fashion, and more, each offering unique opportunities for specialisation and creativity. Let's take a closer look at these areas.

1. Portrait Photography:  In this field, capturing the essence and personality of individuals or groups through carefully composed and executed photographs.

2. Landscape photography: Here a photographer focuses on capturing the natural beauty of outdoor scenes, including mountains, rivers, forests, and other landscapes, often emphasising the vastness and grandeur of the environment.

3. Wildlife photography: In this field, passionate photographers take images of animals and their natural habitats in the wild, showcasing their behaviour, interactions, and the biodiversity of ecosystems.

4. Fashion photography: It is a genre of photography that showcases clothing, accessories, and fashion trends in a visually appealing and artistic manner. Also features models in stylized settings or on the runway.

5. Sports photography: Sports photographer captures dynamic and action-packed moments in various sports events, photos showcasing athletes in motion, dramatic plays, and the intensity of competition.

6. Product photography: It captures the images of a product that highlight its features, qualities, and benefits, often used for marketing and advertising purposes.

7. Food photography: A food photographer takes images of foods in a 

 visually appealing way, also takes images of ingredients, and culinary creations, often emphasising textures, colours, and presentation to evoke appetite and interest.

8. Travel photography: Capturing captivating images of destinations, landmarks, cultures, and experiences experienced during journeys, showcasing the beauty and diversity of the world to inspire exploration and discovery.

9. Macro photography: A photographer captures extreme close-up images of small subjects, such as insects, flowers, or intricate details, revealing unseen beauty and textures that are not typically visible to the naked eye.

10. Wedding Photography: Wedding photography is the art of documenting and capturing the special moments, emotions, and details of a wedding ceremony and related events, preserving memories for the couple and their families to cherish for a lifetime.

Other fields of photography include street photography, astrophotography, event photography, architectural photography, fine art photography, and documentary photography.

Courses in Kerala

Various institutions offer excellent photography courses in Kerala, and among them, Neo stands out as a prominent option, providing a professional diploma in still photography. Their faculty members are highly experienced and consistently updated with the latest developments in the field. The course material undergoes regular updates to ensure that students are exposed to the most recent techniques and trends in photography. They also offer expert classes conducted by industry professionals, providing additional insights and knowledge for the students. 

The faculty motivates students to push their boundaries and explore their creative potential to the fullest. The institutes host workshops, webinars, seminars, and various events to aid students in gaining industry insights and crafting a successful portfolio. Considering all these advantages, enrolling in a photography course in Neo proves to be an excellent choice for those aspiring to pursue a career as a professional photographer.

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