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Sound Studio

NEO Film School sound studio is fully equipped with an acoustically treated system for enhancing the experience of students. In our practical classes, you'll have hands-on experience with the latest recording equipment, learning the nuances of capturing pristine sound. Discover the art of microphone placement, signal routing, and mixing consoles, as you develop a keen ear for sound quality and precision.Complementing the practical sessions, our theory classes will deepen your understanding of sound principles, acoustics, signal flow, and audio processing. You'll explore topics such as equalization, compression, reverb, and other essential audio effects, unlocking the secrets to creating captivating soundscapes.

Still Photography Floor

We believe in providing essential facilities to ensure that students have received hands-on experience and inspiration to get acclimatized to the technological and latest equipment in production. NEO School takes care of every audio-visual requirement that a student needs to produce quality and creative outcomes during their studies on campus. Shooting floors are available for the students to shoot videos, news, and many more visually appealing productions with high-end digital cameras, lights, sound equipment, fine lenses, and editing suites.  


Professional Cameras

We provide professional equipment and services to learn the aspects of capturing precious moments. It is available for the students 24/7 in the store room. Students enrolled in multimedia programmes have access to high-level equipment in order to complete their assignments in the impeccable way possible. Photography students are allowed to access Panasonic CX-350 4K cameras and LED lighting kits. Additionally, Nikon D-3300 DSLR cameras, professional microphones, as well as digital audio recorders. 


All NEO students have the access to the library that can support their semester and collaborative digital projects. The library brings extensive knowledge for those seeking the answers. A digital library is essential for media students to acquire comprehensive information online. We ensure the students are provided with uncompromising facilities. The books are categorized according to the DDC Scheme of Library Classification and are an outstanding learning resource centre that caters to the growing requirements of the students as well as faculties.  

Editing Suite

Our editing suite is acoustically treated and has near-field speakers. It is available to multimedia students in order to complete the assignments and to produce the best outcomes. This suit is ideal for editing sound, videos, and quick recording of voiceovers. It is networked with fast networks making it possible to edit and grade while sharing production files at extreme speed. Students can make use of every facility we provide throughout the semesters for remarkable and admirable outcomes.

DI Suite

A professional colouring suite is required for the finishing touches of the colours of the film before they are produced. Our colouring suite is well-equipped with the digital lab to grade films better before exporting the final product. Students can avail of this facility to check the final grading in this specifically designed room that uses the latest monitor to ensure the edited outcome is correct and make better changes before submission. You can also review the edited final outcome on the large monitor. 


It is acoustically treated and fully equipped with various technological and innovative equipment for conducting acting classes, rehearsals, and private performances. Aspiring actors take their first step from here to reach the dream of their heights. Expert trainers are available to clear your doubts anytime. These acting floors play a great role in getting acclimatized to the real stage experience. We ensure the facilities we provide have a great impact on the lives of our students. 

Viewing Station

NEO school ensures the availability of the most advanced technologies available to work for our students. Every play deserves a good audience to be seated in the most comfortable way. Viewing stations can be used in rehearsals for enhancing performance. A successful play is completed only when it is delivered in the deserved state. Events and plays are conducted on behalf of our students often to upgrade their skills.

VFX Studio

We provide students with various facilities like VFX studios to enhance their performance. It is designed to equip with various knowledge and skills in order to succeed in the highly competitive field of the visual entertainment industry. Moreover, we provide students with the latest equipment to enhance their chances of gaining more knowledge with top-notch facilities. They can gain more experience and increase their opportunities of working in the industry. 

Book Studio

Students can book studios for conducting their final outcome, short films, videos, music productions, and many more. They can take specific equipment for completing their project. It is convenient to book owing to the demand for studios and equipment so that you are provided with the necessary. 


Our experienced instructors, with their industry expertise, will guide you through each step of your sound engineering journey. They will share their knowledge and mentor you in honing your technical skills, while also fostering your creativity and critical thinking abilities.Primary stage sound engineering classes in the Sound Lab and embark on an exhilarating path towards becoming a skilled sound engineer. Gain the confidence to tackle diverse projects in film, television, music, and beyond.


The space itself is a platform for creativity and expression. Crafted with precision and equipped with state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems, it provides a perfect canvas for artists to showcase their talents. From Common classes to musical concerts, dance recitals to poetry readings, the possibilities for artistic exploration are endless within the amphitheater's versatile space.


Preview theatre and allow yourself to be transported to worlds unknown, to laugh, to cry, and to be moved by the magic of cinema. Experience the thrill of watching movies in a setting that combines comfort, technology, and the sheer joy of shared cinematic moments. Sit back, relax, and let the magic unfold before your eyes and ears in our extraordinary preview theatre.


In movies, surround sound takes us deep into the heart of the action, making us feel like active participants in the onscreen events. The precision and placement of sound effects create a realistic and captivating atmosphere, whether we're caught in the midst of a thrilling chase, submerged in the depths of the ocean, or standing in awe amidst a symphony orchestra. The subtle nuances and spatial accuracy of surround sound immerse us in the story, intensifying our emotional connection and making every cinematic moment more vivid and memorable. Immerse yourself in a dynamic learning environment, where you'll have access to state-of-the-art equipment and industry-standard software. Our Surround Sound Mixing Studio is equipped with Macintosh systems installed with Pro Tools Ultimate, the industry-leading digital audio workstation, enabling you to harness the power of professional audio editing and mixing techniques.

Book Studio

NEO FILM SCHOOL has 12 full-fledged departments that have become breeding grounds of the finest talents in Indian cinema. The teaching methodology followed here focuses on 5 aspects of being and becoming a creative professional. The school has a bunch of

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NEO FILM SCHOOL has 12 full-fledged departments that have become breeding grounds of the finest talents in Indian cinema. The teaching methodology followed here focuses on 5 aspects of being and becoming a creative professional. The school has a bunch of extremely talented and experienced faculty. The curriculum followed by the school is designed by Jain Joseph FTII (Pune), IIM (Ahmedabad) which is verified and approved by an Academic Council headed by Leo Thaddeus, and Chairman Siby Malayil (one of the most reputed filmmakers in India).