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George Melies and Dadasaheb Phalke were the two great pioneers of world cinema and Indian cinema who had one thing common; they were both magicians before entering into the world of cinema. They were both enchanted by cinema such that thought it was greatest magic trick they had ever seen. Since the birth of the cinema in 19th century, it is the same awe-inspiring moments of cinema that still continues to cast a magical spell on the audience until now, even after 125 years since the birth of cinema.

So here we present you, N.LIVE MAESTRO SERIES which is a live interactive session online by exclusively bringing to you the masters of cinema who will be unveiling their hidden treasures of cinema through their academic and practical knowledge that amalgamates to create the magic of cinema.

This live interactive session is open to all film enthusiasts who are interested in learning various aspects of cinema. So, get ready to witness the unveiling of those hidden treasures by registering in the link given below.

Every Director has his own ways of selecting the story, Building the Screenplay, Sculpturing his characters, Scene Blocking, Molding, Scene design, Misce en Scene and much more.

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