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    An actor should never stop practicing their craft. Acting is a skill, and you have to stay on top of it to continue into a profession. To try and learn more advanced techniques, grooming programs, and productions. Being in a professional actors group is the most important thing you can do for your career to flourish at the personal front as well as professional front. Actors Studio is for it, to meet, share thoughts, and live a sparkling life, fulfilling your dreams...



    Advanced Module 1
    Sense Memory


    Acting take place in the present moment of the character and the present moment of the actor, the idea is to merge this duality by activating each of the five senses so that they are receptive to bring forth the reality of the character. This workshop session will help actors to understand how this sense-by-sense exploration of imaginary objects, places, people, physical realities help to experience and perform the inner landscape of actors’ sensory life arousing his subconscious as an agent to make artistic choices in their work. This session will help the actor to understand the possibilities of objects, places, and other physical realities in creating characterization, playing with emotions and deliver memorable stellar performances.

    Advance Module 2
    Dialogue / Unleashing the text

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    Piling up information from the screenplay to create a fictional world of the character, its behavior, intentions, objectives, and moreover physical actions is the most difficult road for many actors. How a word written in the script becomes an action or a behavior or an emotional scream in front of the camera. This session will help the actor to invent a process to develop written information into organic. believable acting in front of the camera.

    Advanced Module 3
    Character Development / Characterization

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    Characterization is living the life of a fictitious human being. Giving body and soul to a fictitious person. Actor lends his body, spirit, and consciousness to live a fictitious life while acting. How its achieved. How an actor portrays a life alien to him. This session will focus on various aspects of characterization and help actors to understand how to draw a three-dimensional character from written script. Process of preparing a character guide, finding actions, physical behaviors, and the concept of ‘spine of the character’.

    Advanced Module 4
    Psycho physical technique I

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    Acting is controlling the flow of muscular energy in a concentrated state of mind. This session will help the actors to understand how to keep their body tuned. Practicing psychophysical technique will help the actors to be intact and charged. An organic action/ a believable moment of acting is both psychological and physical. This session will help the actors the knowledge and understanding to be ‘real, alive and organic’ every moment. Moreover, the session help actors to understand how ‘Not to act’.

    Advanced Module 5
    Psycho physical technique II

    • In Life when someone ‘does’ something, it has to dimensions/ sides for it. For an actor, it’s very much important to understand this. That is when he ‘does’ something in front of the camera or an audience there is two sides of it. One, its physical side and the other the psychological side. An actor should create and manifest both these sides. This session will help the actor to create this dynamic psychological and physical worlds through acted out behaviors and expressed emotions. This session is to help actor to understand this concept and use in his acting to achieve the most believable acting moments.

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