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Enquiry Registration

Enquiry registration For those who are genuinely interested please contact us via telephone/email to know the course starting date, admission procedures etc.

Camp Fire

Its a New Beginning between Neo and you. Camp Fire is a Program to help you know us better & identifying your Dream, This program includes a Film School Visit, Interactive sessions with Film Experts.

Boot Camp

2 day Orientation programme: Gives you an insight about the training methods, the techniques during the two year association with us.



The final shortlisted candidates will continue their journey to reach their destinations with us.

Boot Camp

Seminar Participation Every individual has the right of information.Seminar is the right platform to gather all the information about Film and Media education in India and abroad from experts in Film Industry. Our professional team of experts can extend a helping hand to all your queries and doubts. Based on this you can confidently make firm decisions.

Attending Interview


Attending Interview: Based on the Orientation output every candidate need to go through a written test followed by a direct interview with the panel of Academic experts.

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