• NEXT WORKSHOP  - 11 & 12 November  2023

    @Joys Palace - Hotels & Resorts, TB Road, Thrissur

    Time - 9 AM TO 6 PM

A syllabus – based workshop for all ages, destined to be filmmakers

Who can attend?

Aspiring Filmmakers and Students, Educators and Teachers, Medical Professionals, Engineers and Technicians, Business Professionals and Entrepreneurs, Artists and Designers, Writers and Authors, Media and Communication Experts, Social Workers and Activists, General Film Enthusiasts

Lorum ipsum

If you've always been passionate about cinema but  have faced challenges in finding proper training or navigating life's struggles, remember that it's never too late to begin. Similarly, successful professionals in their respective fields might yearn to explore other interests or make meaningful contributions to their careers. Taking the first step towards these aspirations can be a wonderful opportunity to get started. Surround yourself with supportive individuals who share your interests and be open to feedback for improvement.

Participants will receive an orientation on the fundamental elements of cinema, including storytelling, screenplay writing, character building, shot composition, working with actors, production workflows, and understanding film as a profession. This comprehensive learning experience will be facilitated through principle sessions, practical exercises, live demonstrations, interactive discussions, and hands-on production activities.

Embark on an extraordinary cinematic journey led by the legendary filmmaker, Sibi Malayil, with a career spanning over three decades and directing 48 feature films, earning six Kerala State awards and three national awards. Joining him is Mr. Jain Joseph, the visionary founder and course designer of Neo Film School, along with the talented writer-director, Mr. Leo Thaddeus. Together with a team of skilled cinematographers, editors, and sound engineers, they will elevate your understanding of filmmaking to new heights in this mesmerizing workshop. Let your creativity soar and be captivated by the magic of cinema in this transformative experience



Our Faculty

Neo Film School is a cutting-edge institution dedicated to nurturing and shaping the future of the film industry. With a commitment to innovation, creativity, and technical expertise, our faculty comprises a dynamic team of industry professionals and accomplished educators. At Neo Film School, our faculty members are not only accomplished professionals in their respective fields but also passionate mentors who inspire and guide students on their creative journey. They foster an environment of collaboration and innovation, empowering aspiring filmmakers to realize their artistic vision and make their mark in the ever-evolving world of cinema.

  • Join an extraordinary Cinematic journey led by legendary filmmaker Sibi Malayil.

  • The workshop includes skilled Cinematographers, Editors, and Sound engineers

  • Explore fundamental elements of Cinema: Storytelling, Screenplay writing, Character building, Shot composition, Working with actors, Production workflows, and understanding film as a profession

  • Experience Principle sessions, Practical exercises, Live demonstrations, Interactive discussions, and Hands-on production activities

  • Let your creativity soar and be captivated by the Magic of Cinema in this transformative experience.